Windows Vista (Ultimate) Free Download for PC (32-64 bits)

Windows Vista is Microsoft’s Operating System which is designed for both business and home users. It was officially released on dated 30th January 2007 and ended its support on 10th April 2012. Windows Vista SP1 (Service Pack 1) is an update of Windows Vista which addresses feedback from its users. As compared to previous updates, SP1 contains changes focusing on specific performance, compatibility, and reliability issues. These shortcomings are given support in new types of hardware introduced recently focusing on emerging standards set. SP1 has made it very easy especially for IT administrators to deploy and manage Windows Vista in a befitting and suitable way. In addition to that, it provides any language version support, which is quite helpful for its users’ understanding and efficient use.

Download Windows Vista

System Requirements for Windows Vista

Windows Vista, Windows Vista Enterprise (64 bits edition), Windows Vista Business (64 bits edition), Windows Vista Home Basic (64 bits edition), Windows Vista Home Premium (64 bits edition), Windows Vista Ultimate (64 bits edition).

Windows Vista

Windows Vista ISO Overview

Windows Vista Ultimate ISO (32-64 bits) to be downloaded is the most comprehensive edition in terms of its use-ability. The newly enhanced user interface is friendly and easy to use. It is the best edition for Windows users who loves to work on any operating system that works great from Home, Office, and for entertainment purposes. It enables its users to view, control, organize and find multiple tasks quickly at the same time. It provides an informative and helpful desktop experience for its users. With the help of it, users can preview files that contain data in any form. Its easy-to-use dialogue boxes and wizards also help users to find applications and file more instantly.

Windows Vista Ultimate Features

Like Windows Vista Professional and Windows Vista Enterprise, this version is also made focusing on individuals running a small business. It can be easily downloaded and installed to use both for work and at home. It was initially released in 02 different versions namely i) Windows Vista (ISO) former product red & ii) Windows Vista Ultimate (ISO) SP2 signature edition. Windows Vista was sold through retailers instead of online selling and users can access its ISO from any retailer store. gives you a downloadable link at the end of this article, where you can find the product free of cost, for an operating system with 64 bits. You may create a bootable USB and install it accordingly.

Windows Vista Ultimate Security

It is to mention here that Windows Vista Ultimate has a very strong feature of security Firewall protection for its ultimate users. It allows you to access files without an administrator grant. In addition to that, the multilingual user interface gives Unix application support and Bit Locker Drive Encryption.

Windows Vista Ultimate (32-64 bits) ISO

This very Windows Vista edition gives you support of both Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bits & 64 bits ISO (image) full version. Windows Vista 32 bits are meant for old personal computers (PCs) whereas, Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bits are meant for the latest personal computers with Random Access Memory (RAM) support of more than 4 gigabytes (GB) to work efficiently, fast, and smoothly. If you want to know more about it, you may click on the link and access the official Microsoft Windows site.

Installation of Windows Vista from ISO image

Upon clicking on the download button given at the end of this page, you will get an ISO image of the Windows Vista Ultimate version. To install it on your system, you need to burn the ISO image and make a bootable USB drive. Thereafter, by creating a bootable USB drive you can easily install it on your personal computer by following simple steps.

Activating Windows Vista with Product Key

To activate the Windows Vista Ultimate edition, you need to have a genuine Win Vista product key. But, unfortunately, Microsoft is not dealing with the product key of said operating system anymore. To activate the windows vista, you have to follow two single steps given as i) if you are having any previously using product key then you may use it or you may give a free trial version of that ii) as Microsoft is not using vista product keys after 2012, and Microsoft is also not releasing any update, so you may use full features without activation for free.

Windows Vista supporting languages

It is very exciting and encouraging to know that, Microsoft has made an operating system name windows vista which is available in 35 numbers of languages worldwide. It is totally upon users and on their understanding whatever they opt for in terms of ease cay can feel regarding its usage. Users have to select their desired language during the installation phase of the windows. Users will get a beautiful graphical interface which is made for language interface pack just to change Vista language and its completely helpful and key of joy.

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