What is Microsoft Windows 7 ISO?

Microsoft Windows 7 iso is an operating system by Microsoft, that has introduced later on to MS Windows Vista. It offers its end users great improvements in terms of performance as well as visually. Without a doubt is to be the most used Operating System on Personal Computers ever introduced by Microsoft. It is used a long way compared to Mac OS X and Linux despite, the fact that each year somebody comes up with a brilliant idea that, it’s going to be the year of Linux on PC desktops. Windows 7 was initially launched in October 2009 to replace windows vista has been one of the most highly adopted and prominent operating systems developed focusing on the key performance, visual, and security improvements features.

Download Windows 7 ISO

With this Operating System, Microsoft returned to the path of glory after the failure of Windows Vista, and keeping in view of what appeared later, it would not be crazy to say that it is probably Microsoft’s best product to date. No one is needed to be surprised about the awareness of switching users over to Windows 10, even being a free update.

windows 7 iso

Microsoft Windows 7 is the finest operating system for experts and commercial use with the most flexible and influential version of Microsoft. Even after its descendant Windows 8 was out, Windows 7 is still deliberated businesses best. It includes the performance characteristics of Home Premium and the commercial abilities of Professional, which enables the program executable in windows XP Mode. BitLocker is used for data encryption purposes to ensure its security. One other best feature of Windows 7 is that it provides the flexibility of working in any of the available 35 languages to its end-user. You may download the Windows 7 Ultimate Version full for free.

Key Features of Windows 7 iso

Windows 7 was received mighty evolution as compared to Microsoft’s previous Operating Systems, especially with its greater security, performance improvements, and much more intuitive interface. Its general features are categorized keeping in view the performance is given as under: –

  • It’s a Low Consumption Windows Operating system that is ideal for old personal computers.
  • It’s Renewed visual aspect with the newly added functions Aero Peek (compared to preview applications) Aero Shake (managing windows by shaking it) and Aero Snap (to resizing windows).
  • Improved Security System with a new complete security suite, Windows firewall, and a tool provided to create backups of day-to-day updating or activities.
  • Newly introduced multi-touch interface to control Windows 7 by means of touch screen gestures.
  • Newly introduced System Customization with the option to personalize colors, screen savers, and sounds.
  • Newly introduced Ribbon interface helps Windows programs like WordPad, Calculator, and Paint.
  • Windows Sidebar Removal, enabling to place gadgets anywhere liked around the screen.
  • New version of Windows Media Player is compatible with multimedia formats including H.264, DV, AAC, LPCM, DivX, MJPEG, MOV, 3GP, MP4, WTV, etc.).
  • Windows Live Essentials is introduced in the new version with different types of communications applications i.e., Live Mail, Silverlight, Live Messenger, Live Movie Maker.
  • Enabling us to pin favorite programs to the taskbar by dragging and dropping.
  • Introducing a newly improved calculator with programming and statistical functions.

If you still using Windows Vista or Windows XP, or you are just not too sure about the new Windows 10, the immediate best thing you can do is to download Windows 7 to your PC, which is an ideal operating system for personal computers which will combine leisure and work. As for as Microsoft is supporting it, it will be introducing security updates from time to time, and upon its stoppage of regulation, users won’t be able to access the latest updates and security checks that normally Microsoft offers.

Updates & Editions Made to Windows 7 iso

Just a year since its initial release, it received its first major update named Service Pack 1, which adjusts certain security issues and errors found in its code.

In addition to that, it also comes along with various versions, that adapts perfectly to the needs of every kind of user:

  • Starter is the most simple and basic version with various functions.
  • Home Basic edition is packed with more customization functions and connectivity, which is only available in OEM versions in specific countries under emerging and development markets.
  • Home Premium edition comprises with full Aero theme, Windows Media Center, and support for different codecs multimedia file formats.
  • Professional edition includes advanced backups, data protection, network management with support for local network printing, domains, and file encryption.
  • Ultimate edition is more secure and data protection on the internal and external storage device and supports virtualized images of external hard drives/ hard drives.
  • Enterprise edition includes additional features for the support of IT organizations. The choice to subscribe to the desktop maximum utilization package MDOP.
  • N Editions is available for updates/ new purchases of Professional, Home Premium, and Ultimate editions, but does not include multimedia software.

Vital Features of Microsoft Windows 7 ISO

  • Homegroup

It enables its users’ file sharing and device sharing including printers on the network.

  • Jump Lists

You can easily access your favorites including websites, documents, songs, galleries, etc.

  • Snap

It facilitates its users to compare, resize windows.

  • Searching

It enables to find anything including files virtually.

  • Windows Taskbar
    Shows in thumbnail icons and enables ways to modify.
  • Full 64-bit Support
    Windows 7 supports powerful 64-bit on Personal Computers.
  • Windows XP Mode
    Enables to run absolute Windows XP commercial software on Windows 7 desktop.
  • More Themes/Gadgets
    Renovate end-user desktop with funny themes and gadgets.
  • Performance Expansions
    Resume, USB detection, and Quick Sleep require less memory.
  • Desktop Capability
    Provides better graphics experience with management of your desktop in a useful way
  • Bit-Locker Encryption
    Encrypting data keeps your documents safe.
  • Windows Defender
    Provides defense to malicious software and spyware.
  • Windows Firewall
    Keeps hackers and malicious software from getting in.

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