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When shopping for an antivirus, consider VIPRE Antivirus. This software has many benefits and can protect you from a variety of threats. With a built-in firewall and VPN, it also protects your privacy and keeps your computer safe. In addition, the company also offers an application patching feature and Secure File Eraser to keep you safe when online. For more information, visit the company’s website. This review of Vipre Antivirus covers the most important features and options for protecting your PC.


Key Features of VIPRE Antivirus

Secure File Eraser feature

The Secure File Eraser feature of Vipre Antivirus is a handy tool to delete data on your computer. The program has a feature that allows you to delete any file on your hard drive permanently. Using the feature, you can completely erase any file on your system and prevent it from being recovered by forensic software. This feature is typically paired with encryption software, like the ones provided by Kaspersky Total Security and Bitdefender Total Security. However, Vipre does not provide encryption software. It only uses a single-overwrite algorithm to erase the files.

VIPRE Antivirus

The Secure File Eraser feature is a unique feature that makes it possible to remove any files from your computer that have been damaged by viruses. The Secure File Eraser feature is also one of the best ways to remove potentially harmful files from your computer. This feature is particularly useful if your computer has a history of deleting files. Using it is particularly useful when you need to delete or unarchive large files on your computer.

Built-in firewall

Vipre offers built-in firewall protection and has a user-friendly interface. It has a number of helpful features, including offline files and tooltips to help users navigate complex settings. It offers technical support via email and phone on business days, and is also available for European customers. If you’re not sure what to do, you can read the user manual or consult the community forums. The company also offers an active support team with technical experts available around the clock.

The VIPRE Firewall can police all incoming and outgoing connections to prevent malicious activity and protect your endpoints. You can customize the default rules, block specific applications, and notify you when your computer receives unwanted traffic. It also lets you set advanced rules to protect your endpoints more effectively. If you’re a novice, VIPRE Firewall will prompt you to select an action based on the behavior of your applications and the Operating System. Once you’ve created a policy, VIPRE will remember this action for future activity.


As with most anti-virus programs, Vipre has built-in web filtering. Most computers already have some form of web filtering, whether they run Windows or not. Vipre’s web filtering, however, lets you choose which sites are safe to access. You must change this setting in other site filtering programs, though. Moreover, you can adjust the frequency of checkups. Lastly, you can change how often updates are downloaded.

Support is another good feature of Vipre. Besides the help center, users can also access the knowledge base and pre-made guides. The support center promises to answer queries within 24 hours. Email support is also available, but isn’t as fast. You can also use Vipre’s community forums and official documentation to find answers to your questions. If you don’t have time to talk to a live person, you can also use the support center’s email function, but be warned that it’s not very effective.

Application patching feature

The Auto-Patch feature in Vipre Antivirus can keep your essential applications and software updated. This feature runs on a daily or weekly basis and checks for available updates. Users can change the frequency of checks and patching, and opt to scan specific applications on demand. Vipre also gives users the option to set permission before installing updates. Here are some of the ways Vipre keeps your essential apps and software up to date.

VIPRE’s auto-patching feature can help you manage patches across the entire enterprise. Patch management is done by detecting which software applications are on endpoints. Once you’ve identified which applications are missing or installed, VIPRE can automatically install them. Patches are organized by product. VIPRE automatically groups the missing or installed patches into categories, making patching easy for you. You can also schedule the patching process to be done on individual machines based on the need.

Identity Shield feature

The VIPRE Antivirus Identity Shield feature lets you protect your identity and information stored on your PC from unauthorized users. It can prevent you from being tracked online and blocks webcam snooping. It also detects sensitive information in documents stored locally and flags it. The feature runs a thorough scan to detect potential threats and then activates the protection. It has several other benefits, too. Here are some of them.

Vipre Antivirus offers real-time protection by monitoring threats and preventing them from compromising your PC. It also blocks harmful websites and warns you of malicious links. It uses AI learning technology to detect and block malware spread by phishers. Users can also create lists of safe domains to use while browsing the Internet. The antivirus detects malware that phishers can send through email. Its powerful antivirus technology makes it a perfect choice for home users.

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