Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security provides security protection against virus attacks to a user’s home-based personal computer with the special ability to keep your business secure while your peers are working. With its set and forget security system, it protects users’ Mac and Windows laptops, PCs, and tablets. In addition to it, it also protects operating system file systems and personal files you value most. It’s a most reliable security system that you trust blindly despite the security threats that usually a computer user faces during internet browsing or data transfer mediums.

  • Ransomware’s protection and rollback to avoid accidental clicks make laptops and computers lockdown
  • Backup and file encryption to secure trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Safe Mode to pay taxes and bill online with confidence
  • Android device protection for employees to work safely from personal tablets and smartphones
  • Built-in vulnerability scanning for business apps that are used makes safe from intrusions

If you have a small business then your time is precious and cannot afford extra time ensuring business checks on your work. Kaspersky gives protection to your small business against cyber threats which are commonly faced problems of today’s world.


Key Features of Kaspersky Small Office Security

Business Security

It offers a broader variety of technologies in terms of security as compared to small business security products, yet is designed for easy setup and run. Users can get easy access to its technical support.

Simplified Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security includes a cloud-based console and an easy-to-use security system which to easy to manage important security functions. IT staff of your organization from anywhere or remotely can easily access the security system and manage it through a console.

Kaspersky Small Office Security

Device Protection

By combining cloud-assisted technologies and real-time access plus powerful and smart anti-malware technologies which run on your computer device, it defends your business worth million dollars against the malware threat. In addition to that, it also monitors frequently targeted applications used, i.e., Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorers, Development Software, and many more.

Online theft Preventing

In today’s world, online transaction is so common and it’s like buying personal stuff from a general store near to your house. The online financial transaction gives the cybercriminal a chance to steal your money and information related to your bank account details. Kaspersky developers keeping in view the security threats have developed specialized technology which helps users to keep their money, bank account details, and credit cards numbers information secure.

Loss of Information Prevention

To secure your business-sensitive information including customers information and business data, Kaspersky Small Office Security has included powerful protection tools/ technology for Personal Computers and file servers. The protection tools provided make it easy to encrypt personal data on your PC and it keeps a backup of data to use in case file server crashes. Upon crash, it still provides the essential information you saved.

Maintaining Productivity

If internet security is not controlled through a security system, then the hard work of days and months of your office worker can be lost in case inappropriate content is downloaded to your business. Said security system can avoid such untoward situations and saves productivity of your organization.

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